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3 Factors to Consider When Buying Your First Tractor

A tractor can be a must-have piece of equipment for a small farm or ranch, and even for those with a very large garden. Tractors can haul heavy equipment and materials, help with harvesting, and create trenches for planting quickly and easily. As with buying a car, it can be overwhelming to buy your first tractor since there are so many options from which to choose. To make it easier on you, note a few simple factors to consider when you're in the market for your first tractor, whether it's a Massey Ferguson tractor for sale or another type.

1. The horsepower you need

It's a common mistake for those buying their first tractor to purchase one with more horsepower than they need. A tractor does need to be strong, but only strong enough for the job at hand and to haul the equipment you'll be using. Anything beyond this is just too much strength that you won't need, like buying a large pickup truck when you won't actually be hauling anything heavy.

To determine the horsepower you need, note the equipment you'll be adding to the tractor such as a cutter. A smaller cutter with a shorter arm will require much less horsepower than one used for larger farms and with a longer reach. If your tractor will be used for plowing, you need less horsepower for softer soil than you will for rockier soil, which needs more power to break it up.

2. When four-wheel-drive is needed

As with a car, four-wheel-drive will give a tractor better traction in poor soil conditions. It may not be needed for cutting and creating trenches in most soil, but if you plan to use a front loader for your tractor, note that the extra weight can pull the front tires into the soil and increase the risk of the tractor getting stuck. In this case, a four-wheel-drive option may be the best.

3. Deciding on size

It's easy to be sold on the size of a tractor by assuming that a larger, heavier tractor will be stronger and will last longer. In truth, manufacturers today can put more horsepower in smaller tractors so that a larger and heavier tractor may not do anything but use more fuel. However, you need to choose a size that will accommodate the size of accessories and add-ons you will use. A large arm for a cutter may require a certain size tractor to keep it balanced. As with horsepower, choose the size and weight that will support these accessories but don't overspend on something bigger and heavier than this.