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How to Maximise Your Yield When Using Hydroponics

It may seem like a daunting task to start and run your own hydroponics garden, but it's generally straightforward. All that's required for a healthy garden to thrive is that you learn the basics of gardening with hydroponics and that you spend plenty of time caring for it. Once you get a grasp on hydroponic gardening, set up the garden, and adjust all factors and elements, everything should be running smoothly. Here are some tips to maximise your yield.

Keep a grower's journal

You may think that you don't need a journal since you can keep track of what you do in your garden, but with hydroponics, there are a lot of variables that you have to remember. Imagine that one out of many plants starts becoming weak or shows signs of being over watered. You'll have to find out exactly what went wrong so you know what to change. That becomes extremely difficult without having a grower's journal where you kept track of all the changes in watering and pH levels, nutrients, lighting and whatnot.

Find the perfect balance between water and nutrients

This is an important hydroponics tip that you should carefully follow. If you use too little water, the roots of the plant will dry out. If you use too much of it, the roots will rot. The same applies to the nutrients that you apply through the hydroponics system. You need to be extremely precise when making adjustments to achieve the optimal amount of hydration; here's where the grower's journal comes in handy.

Before each watering session, carefully inspect the leaves of each plant. If the leaves seem to perk up after watering them, that's a sign that you must feed them more nutrients through the hydroponics system through the day. If they seem to wither, then you should gradually decrease the amount of nutrients in the hydroponics installation until you notice that the leaves of your plants have stopped withering.

Be careful when using CO2 generators

A CO2 generator can be used to dramatically increase the yield of your garden. However, you can also kill your entire crop if you use the generator sloppily. Before using the generator, make sure to increase the amount of nutrients and lights that you feed to your plants. Most people who want to enrich the environment of their garden with CO2 generators generally make sure that the CO2 levels don't go above the 1500ppm mark. Anything more than 1500 parts per million can actually decrease the yield of your garden.