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Don't Overlook These Features When Choosing a Silage Wagon

A silage wagon can be a necessity for farming and harvesting, as they are meant to hold grain and feed. There are a number of different types of silage wagons you can choose, with a variety of features and options. When you're ready to shop for a silage wagon, note a few of these features so you ensure you choose the best type for your particular application.

1. Carrying capacity

You may note the carrying capacity of any silage wagon, but remember that in some cases, grain and feed might expand when it's put into a wagon. Anything that is bagged may be compacted so that it fits the packaging better and once it's exposed to air, it often increases in size. This can even be true of grain you keep in a silo, as the weight of all that grain can make it somewhat compacted. Once it's transferred to a silage wagon, it can expand more easily. This is why it's good to get a silage wagon with more capacity than you assume you'll need, so you can easily carry as much grain or feed as you expect even with this expansion.

2. Chopper

Some silage wagons will come with a fused chopper, and this can make it easier to manage grain and feed overall. However, you may want to remove the chopper for when you need to fit the silage wagon in tight spaces such as a barn, and the attached chopper may be in the way. It can also be more expensive to get a wagon with a fused chopper versus one you simply attach. Note how often you may need the chopper versus just storage and transport and this will help you determine the best choice, either fused or as an attachment.

3. Feed out belt

A silage wagon will usually have a feed out belt from the back or the side of the wagon; the back belt may allow for a more narrow delivery so there can be less waste of materials, but a side feed out belt is better for filling a trough or trench. Consider how you normally deliver the grain or feed and choose the feed out belt accordingly.

4. Attachment

If you need a silage wagon but cannot afford a truck-type model with an engine, choose one that is a simple attachment. This works as a trailer that you pull behind another vehicle. One advantage of attachment silage wagons is that you may be able to afford more than one so that you can haul various types of grain or feed at one time, giving you more options for transport than you would have it you choose a truck style silage wagon.