Green Themes in Agricultural Equipment and Supplies

Keeping Your Grass Green

Maintaining the quality of your lawn is no easy task, especially when the weather can reach soaring temperatures that quickly dry out the soil. However there are a number of simple methods you can use to ensure that your grass stays green, thick and healthy. Whether you use Husqvarna lawn mowers, a hand push mower or simply a pair of shears, these tips are designed to be easy to follow and quick to implement. 

Just Like Shaving

Many people say that the more you shave body hair the quicker and thicker it grows back. This is of course a myth, however it's actually true for grass. Cutting it regularly can help it to grow thicker which will give your lawn a luscious appearance. According to The Handyman, cutting it regularly and adjusting the length of your blades can help to provide the optimum length to accommodate different seasons. Clearly during the winter or rainy periods the grass tends to have a plentiful supply of water, however in high temperatures the water can evaporate from the soil at a higher rate. Leaving the grass longer will help to shade the soil and reduce water loss, thus allowing it to benefit from added hydration. 


Scarifying your lawn is important if you want as many nutrients as possible to reach the roots of the grass. Scarifiers are made by many leading brands and are used to remove dead matter from the base of your lawn. This organic matter can rot and cause moss growth, which in turn acts like a blanket preventing water and lawn feed from penetrating the soil. 

Scarifying should be done at specific times of the year and is certainly not a regular treatment that should be used. A simple rake should be used in the spring to reduce the amount of damage that will be temporarily caused, but also to reduce weeds taking root in any bare patches that are created. If you find that your lawn is covered in a heavy blanket of moss, waiting until the colder months of late August/early September is better. There are fewer weed seeds floating around according to Lawnsmith, which would certainly take advantage of any bold spots created given the chance. 

Water Please

Watering is very important, especially in hotter climates. For sandy soil, which is more common in Australia, about an inch deep should be enough for an effective watering.