A Guide to Buying Stock Feed

Livestock farming, especially cattle farming, is a very important and profitable business, and one of the largest industries in the country. Cattle products are very valuable, ranging from milk products, meat products and leather, whereas sometimes the horns and hooves may also be used to make hair products and pet foods. Interestingly, even the blood from the cattle may be used to make blood meal. The point is, if you are a cattle farmer, you have a variety of customers, whose demand you have to meet to be successful.

Keeping Your Grass Green

Maintaining the quality of your lawn is no easy task, especially when the weather can reach soaring temperatures that quickly dry out the soil. However there are a number of simple methods you can use to ensure that your grass stays green, thick and healthy. Whether you use Husqvarna lawn mowers, a hand push mower or simply a pair of shears, these tips are designed to be easy to follow and quick to implement.

A Preparation Guide for Installation of Your Rainwater Tank

So you've decided to buy a rainwater tank to do your bit for the environment and save you money. You've bought and paid for the tank and now need to get ready for the installation. It is a large delivery and not as straightforward as receiving a parcel. You'll have some responsibility for ensuring that the tank can be delivered and that installation can take place without any hiccups. This guide will help you work out what you need to do to achieve a smooth delivery and installation.

Don't Overlook These Features When Choosing a Silage Wagon

A silage wagon can be a necessity for farming and harvesting, as they are meant to hold grain and feed. There are a number of different types of silage wagons you can choose, with a variety of features and options. When you're ready to shop for a silage wagon, note a few of these features so you ensure you choose the best type for your particular application. 1. Carrying capacity

How to Maximise Your Yield When Using Hydroponics

It may seem like a daunting task to start and run your own hydroponics garden, but it's generally straightforward. All that's required for a healthy garden to thrive is that you learn the basics of gardening with hydroponics and that you spend plenty of time caring for it. Once you get a grasp on hydroponic gardening, set up the garden, and adjust all factors and elements, everything should be running smoothly.

Five Tips for Reducing Evaporation in Your Livestock Water Tanks

When water evaporates from your livestock water tanks, it wastes water, but it also makes the remaining water saltier. If livestock drink water that is excessively salty due to evaporation (or for any other reason), the salty water can make them get ill or even die. Luckily, there are ways to reduce the evaporation from your water tank: 1. Place the tanks in covered areas Water evaporates in the sun, and if you want to stop or at least slow evaporation, consider placing your water tanks in shady areas.

3 Factors to Consider When Buying Your First Tractor

A tractor can be a must-have piece of equipment for a small farm or ranch, and even for those with a very large garden. Tractors can haul heavy equipment and materials, help with harvesting, and create trenches for planting quickly and easily. As with buying a car, it can be overwhelming to buy your first tractor since there are so many options from which to choose. To make it easier on you, note a few simple factors to consider when you're in the market for your first tractor, whether it's a Massey Ferguson tractor for sale or another type.

3 foods you should never feed your dog

If you enjoy your food and your dog enjoys his food, you might be tempted to dish out the leftover scraps from your dinner plate whenever your dog gives you pleading eyes. However, this might not be such a good idea. Dog food and human food are different because their bodies function differently. This doesn't just mean that if you find something delicious, your dog will find it repulsive, in fact it's nothing of a sort.